aycan workstation – Dynamic MRI/CT

For the assessment of cancer, the multi-parametric MRI has become a valuable tool in recent years.

aycan workstation with ayDCE provides a software tool for efficient analysis and documentation.

  • Evaluation of dynamic MRI/CT study
  • Individual Hanging Protocols
  • Representation of the contrast agent dynamics
  • Color overlay of semi-quantitative parameters
  • Structured Reporting

Demo video


PROMIS study - Multi-Parametric MRI of the prostate significantly outperforms traditional biopsy


ayDCE – Evaluation of dynamic MRI/CT studies

Evaluation of dynamic MRI/CT studies. 

Hanging Protocols

ayDCE – Hanging Protocols

Individual Hanging Protocols with layouts for quick change of views.

Contrast agent dynamics

ayDCE – Contrast agent dynamics

Display the contrast medium flow over time by manual scroll or automatic play (4D player).

Color Overlay

ayDCE – Color Overlay semi-quantitative parameters

Color Overlay semi-quantitative parameters (max. Gradient, area under curve, time to max.).

Structured Reporting with aycan workstation


Mark and classify tumors

Score calculation

Customized reports (optional)

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Demo video ayDCE: Dynamic Prostate MRI – evaluation with aycan workstation

Demo video ayDCE: Prostate MRI – Multi-parametric evaluation

Demo video

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