Follow-ups with aycan workstation & FusionSync plug-in

Essential image comparison for general radiology

Today, diagnosing based on follow-up image series is a task made time-consuming by patient alignment matching and the need for manual adjustment of viewing settings.

With aycan workstation and the FusionSync plug-in, the necessity for tedious and time-consuming manual adjustment of your view settings is history. The software automatically synchronizes the baseline with the follow-ups for spatially consistent viewing. The new bookmark manager lets you keep track of your findings and it even stores them into your PACS.

FusionSync brings reliable image registration and fusion to aycan workstation. Its powerful tools support confident diagnosing for 3D CT, MR, PET and SPECT — even multi-slice 2D MR images with coarse inter-slice resolutions are supported.


Key Benefits

  • Co-registration and fusion of multiple follow-up studies
  • Automatic global and locally-restricted rigid alignment
  • Spatially synchronized navigation
  • Optimized diagnostic workflow
  • Fast loading time

»It was not clear beforehand that aycan workstation was the appropriate solution to address both clinical and research-based data processing and analysis needs. However, it has proven to be an extremely beneficial...[read more]«  Dr. Castillo - The University of Texas Medical Branch

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