Switch to aycan’s vendor neutral PACS

Get control of and more performance out of your PACS

Are you not getting the PACS performance you want or were promised? Are your concerns not properly addressed by your PACS supplier? Do you feel powerless in your proprietary PACS environment but too worried about making a change?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions then aycan is the right solution for you.

VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) puts you in control!

aycan's PACS solution, aycan store, is a scalable, high performance DICOM archiving and distribution system that is vendor neutral so it seamlessly integrates into any environment. And, once integrated, you'll stay in control of your data as it is all stored in a vendor neutral DICOM format.

Powerful features provide performance

aycan store's unique features allow you to improve productivity without compromising security. aycan store will streamline your workflow by automatically transferring your DICOM data to any desired location while keeping your data traffic secure at all times.

Service gives you immediate live qualified support

aycan is dedicated to and distinguishes itself by providing immediate, live customer service and support. With aycan service you'll get responses from a highly qualified, expert staff, a dedicated contact person and a genuine interest in helping you.

Switching is easy

Leveraging over 10 years extensive PACS and data migration, aycan will plan and integrate your new PACS quickly and easily, including working with and managing problem resolution with other system vendors should the need arise. Contact us today for a free consult on how making the switch to aycan can get you back in control of your PACS and improve its performance.

About aycan store (PACS)

With more than fifteen years of extensive experience in long-term archiving of medical image data, aycan offers aycan store, a scalable, high performance DICOM archiving and distribution system, which can be accessed on-site or optionally through our off-site data center. From simple to complex workflows in imaging centers, hospitals, and Teleradiology service companies, aycan store can improve the workflow in any environment.

Switch to your new PACS – now!

You want to find out what our PACS solution can offer you? Feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to advise you: 

Tel.: 585-473-1350 .  E-Mail: info@aycan.com

Data Migration

Data migration from your old PACS with the aycan migration service including data conversion.

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A Primary and Post-processing Workstation
aycan workstation

A workstation for diagnosis and post-processing: MPR, MIP, and 3D Thickslab features, as well as routine diagnostic features.

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