Alte Daten in ein neues PACS migrieren.

DICOM/PACS Legacy Data Migration Services

Historical patient data sitting on outdated diagnostic imaging systems and media is an ongoing challenge as new technologies evolve and data needs to be migrated.
DICOM archive solutions have been around for years. Legacy tape, MO, and similar offline storage media formats have readers that are either no longer available or only at astronomical prices.

It is time to discontinue using these outdated media, but many questions arise:
  • "How can we store our data before it is lost forever?"
  • "What format is my legacy data even in?" (Many times it's not DICOM.)
  • "Who can help us handle our transition from diverse diagnostic imaging systems from different vendors?"


The answer is aycan. aycan offers many data migration solutions!



Our Migration Services include:
  • Data migration from your old PACS
  • Reading from optical media, or tape
  • Consolidation of data
  • Changing of patient identifiers during migration (meta-data)

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